"Creative gibraltar is a collective of artists composed of Patrizia Imossi, Stefano Blanca Sciacaluga & Christopher Tavares. born and based in Gibraltar, a British territory on the entrance to the Mediterranean. A collective brought together by a mutual interest in art and all encompassing knowledge. Available for birthday cake designs."

Creative Gibraltar came about from a desire to meet new artists, people I didn't know about. Working on my own sometime in 2010 or 2011 I created an online directory of local artists, everything from painters to web and fashion designers, with the idea that a network of people would get me to find out new artists, people I had never heard about and could potentially collaborate with. The project was rather short-lived due to the difficulty of keeping such a project with so many people alive, but it then took on a different form, that of a three-piece art collective.

In 2012 we became part of the Little Constellation network. A year later we were sent to represent the Bibraltar branch at the Errors Allowed, Mediterranea 16, young artists' biennale in Ancona, Italy, and two years after that, in 2015, we were given the Listen to the Sirens (a temporary gallery run by the Little Constellation network, in Gibraltar) to run the space for a month.

After a year of diverse exhibitions at the space Creative Gibraltar opened a completely different project titled KITCHEN. more info here and here.